Only for Distributors

We have been in the promotion business for 30 years. We know the best way to obtain orders, and the key to this are the special flyer style presentations that are created individually for each customer. The success rate is enormous because customers are able to see with just one view, on his or her screen, all the suggested ideas without having to open attachments.

We create for our customers special ideas starting from 3D virtual items through to our enormous database, in which we know the perfect producer who will make virtual dreams become reality.

Therefore, we are offering a rather special service to our customers because we make items tailored to their individual needs and brand wishes.

We are able to offer this service to European distributors on credit for limited amounts provided that we are provided a very well structured briefing.

Invoicing of this service depends on what the distributors wants in particular.

For a flyer he or she supplies us the items (exceptional photos with good resolution) and the logo of their customer for us to upload the items, as well as their own logo to be seen on the flyer’s corner.

A flyer where he or she provides us with part of the items and the rest we suggest (together with the details of the maker for direct contact ).

A flyer where we perform the entire job, in which we suggest 100% our ideas.

A flyer that contains 3D or only Photoshop items or a combination of both.

In all cases, your full satisfaction is guaranteed, 100% confidentiality, and ensured impressive panoramic presentation to the final customer.

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The brands on the flyers are for reference only